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Ambox GP3.png With Gemini Project 3.3 the plugin is installed by default. Keep also in mind, the samba servers package as of OE 2.2 is samba-base, before the name was sambaserver.
Global settings
Standard shares of the DMM Image

The geminisambaconfig Plugin is a configuration tool for the Samba Server. The Samba Server (Package sambaserver or samba-base), is installed together with the (sambaconfig) plugin, if not installed yet in the image. Following functions are offered:

  • Edit global settings
  • Create / change / delete shares

Keep in mind the standard sambaserver is not offering an authentication with an user name and password. Every user can access the configured shares on the Dreambox.

Installation / Deinstallation

The geminisambaconfig plugin can be installed / removed in different ways:

Hauptbeitrag.png see article: GP3 Addons - Category: Gemini Plugins
Hauptbeitrag.png see article: WebAdmin - Package name: geminisambaconfig
Hauptbeitrag.png see article: OPKG - Package name: geminisambaconfig

Restart Enigma2 after the installation, or reboot the Dreambox. The Plugin can be found in the Blue PanelDaemonsSamba Settings.


After opening the Plugins, it's possible to change the global settings of the Samba Servers, but the standard settings should work without any problem. The following list explains the color buttons, editing the shares en other settings, which can be changed. Saved settings are stored in the file smb.conf in the directory /etc/samba.

Input Description
save Saves the settings and closes the plugin.
Shares Opens the configuration menu of the shares. With the OK button, the existing shares can be opened to edit. With the green button a new share is creates and the red button deletes shares.
External devices (DVD, USB, CF, etc.) can be shared, of course the device needs to be mounted correctly before. The mount point (e.g. /media/cf) should be known, to create a share. Save the settings with the green button before closing the plugin. A restart of the Samba Server is not required.
workgroup It's also possible to change the name of the workgroup, as with other Windows computers in the network. This is not mandatory to access the Dreambox. It can take some minutes before the Dreambox is shown in the network, especially when multiple workgroups exist.
Ambox notice.png Same Boxes in the network
When using 2 similar Dreamboxes (e.g. two DM7020HD) with Samba Server in the network, a conflict happens. Because the host name exists twice. Transferring data is not possible in this case. So change the host name on one Dreambox. The configuration file is /etc/hostname.

Access the Samba Server

The Dreambox(es) should be displayed automatically in the file browser or network overview of the different operating systems. It's also possible to search for the Boxes (e.g. with \\ip_of_the_box under Windows), if not displays automatically. Under Windows the option "Map network drive" is interesting, to integrate the Dreambox in the Windows Explorer.

Command via command line

Up to OE 2.0

Stop Samba Server


Start Samba Server


Show Samba Version

smbd --version

Since OE 2.2

Stop Samba Server

systemctl stop samba

Start Samba Server

systemctl start samba

Show status of Samba Server

systemctl status samba

Since OE 2.5

Stop Samba Server

systemctl stop smb.service

Start Samba Server

systemctl start smb.service

Show status of Samba Server

systemctl status smb.service