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SSL #88

The Secondstage Loader (short SSL) is part of the bootloader of all recent OE-Boxen (at this moment 500+, 600, 7020, 7025(+), 800(se), 7020HD and 8000). If the Box is stopped in the Secondstage, a webinterface is available, which can be used to flash the box.

Stop into Secondstage

To stop the Box into the Secondstage Loader you can use several procedures:

Push a button at the front panel

Simply keep pushing a button while starting the Box.

DM7020 and DM7025(+)

With these boxes the "Down" button should be pushed while the power is switched on at the back of the box. Keep pushing the button until the message: "*** STOP ***" appears in the display. The IP number, which can be used to acces the box, is also displayed.

Step by step with images from DMM:

DM600PVR and DM500+

Here the On/Off button must be pushed while the power supply is plugged into the socket. These boxes don't have a display, so the IP must be looked up, e.g. over the search in DCC.


Same procedure as for the other "small boxes", push the On/Off button. But here the display is used to show the info, as with the 7020 or 7025(+)


When using a recent version of DreamUp with the option "use network", the webinterface can be reached after the connection was made sucessfully by entering the IP number.

Delete the boot files

A more drastic, and not without risk, way to stop in the secondstage is: delete the boot info in the current image of the box.

Thsi can be done with following commands in telnet:

mount /boot -o remount,rw
rm /boot/*

Flash over the network

Once the box is stopped in the Secondstage, the box can be flashed by entering the IP in your web browser.

The pictures should be selfexplaining:

Webinterface access
Selection of the image
Flash process completed

Possible problems

In some cases the IP number can cause problems. Therefore it's possible to enter a static IP number in the Bios of the boxor to use the tool DreamEnum.