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TuxTXT is the Videotext-/Teletext-Plugin for the Dreambox/dbox and is in the standard delivery of all images. The Software was originaly developed by Thomas Loewe (LazyT) and is supported and developed by Roland Meier und DBLuelle. The porting to the 24bit Frame buffer of the DM7025 (Enigma2) was done by Seddi.

TuxTXT supports Teletext Level 2.5 Grafik, TOP-Text, most languages, and uses a cache that really speeds things up. TuxTXT is GPL'd, the official source is Tuxbox-Git. This is the moved source code from original tuxbox-cvs managed by GNU Tuxbox-Project, also known as the Linux@dbox2 Project.

Using TuxTXT

Press the <TEXT> button on your Remote Control to use TuxTXT, to leave TuxTXT use the <EXIT> button

Use the number buttons to directly select a 3 digit page number, or move sequentially using the back and forward arrow keys.

The Colour keys (red, green, yellow, blue) link to pages which are dynamically determined, look
at the bottom line of the screen to see which pages are linked to which keys.