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eParted in action

eParted (abbreviation for Enigma Parted) is an Enigma2 Plugin for the partitioning program parted. The Plugin can create up to four partitions on different types of devices (e.g. HDD, SSD, SD, CF, USB). The partitions can be initialized with following file systems:

At this moment the Plugin supports following languages. All help with translations is appreciated.

  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • French
  • Dutch
Ambox attention.png Attention!
(Wrong) manipulation of existing partitions result in data loss. Make a back up before using eParted.

Requirements / Good to know

  • An Image (en) based on OE 1.6 or OE 2.0 (en).
  • The package parted must available be in the Image or on the Feed.
  • For XFS, the package xfsprogs-mkfs must be installed.
  • For FAT16 the package dosfstools must be installed.
  • If an error appears when deleting a partition, this is almost 100% due to the fact the partion can not be unmounted. Also make sure you are not accessing the device e.g. over Telnet (en), FTP, or Samba.
  • A Swap Partition can be mounted or unmounted in the GP3 (en) via Device Manager. The current status of the Swap Partion can be checked in the Device Manager or in Blue PanelInformationsHardwareMemory.
  • The input for the partition size (Megabyte or Gigabyte) depends on the size of the device. MB is used for devices up to 8GB. For 16GB or larger the partitions are defined in GB.



Copy the eparted ipk via ftp in the directory /tmp and install with the following command:

opkg install /tmp/eparted*

After an Enigma2 restart you will find the Plugin in MenuPlugins.

Via Software Feed

If the plugin is on the Software feed (e.g. GP3), it can be installed easily over the Software Manager, or the Addons. Via Telnet the command would be:

opkg update && opkg install eparted

After an Enigma2 restart you will find the plugin in MenuPlugins.


Delete Partitions

Delete partitions
  1. Start eParted.
  2. Select the correct device.
  3. Select the partition(s) you want to delete and use the red button to delete.
  4. With the blue button you can execute the deletion of the partition(s).

Create Partitions

Create partitions
  1. Start eParted.
  2. Select the correct device.
  3. Add a new partition with the green button.
  4. Enter the size of the partition.
  5. Select the wanted file system.
  6. Confirm the settings with the green button.
  7. Start the creation of the partitioning and initialization with the blue button.

Support thread

If you need help with eParted, follow the link ;)