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The Gemini Images are Dreambox images with extended functionality. The main feature is the Blue Panel.
Special features of the Gemini Images are:

The images are built upon the corresponding CVS / OE - Image development snapshot. The Gemini-Team tries to change as little as possible of the CVS/OE-Development, so that a Gemini Image is as close and compatible as possible to the corresponding "CVS-Base"

The extensions, for instance the BluePanel, are attached to the CVS/OE and are implemented modularly most of the time. If you find a "Gemini-error", don't be surprised when it turns out to be a CVS-error for which the Gemini-Team is not responsible ;) In such cases, consider checking the CVS / OE - Image .

It is the philosophy of the Gemini-Team to provide a clean, "extended" CVS/OE-Image, which the user may choose to extend by the use of "plugins".
The Gemini Images are for those users who like to experiment with their boxes and enhance the functionality by choosing to install additional modules.

Ambox attention.png Gemini Images do not include any softcams or keys.
Ambox notice.png Backups and any other modified images are not produced by the Gemini-Team and will therefore not be supported by the team!!!