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In this article you will find links for extended descriptions of the GP2 Blue Panel desktop. The successor of this Blue Panel is the GP3 Blue Panel desktop.

GP2 Blue Panel Desktop (Basis Gemini 5.x)

  • Softcam - Select Sofcam, enable/disable
  • Device Manager - Settings and informations about devices connected to the Dreambox
  • ReZapp - ReZapp zapp back to the selected channel

Camd Selection-Activation

The cursor is on the menu entry:

Select Camd with the buttons. Here you can select the installed Cams.
In the upper part, the name of the selected Camd is displayed.
If no Camd is installed the entry: "Common Interface" is displayed.
It's also possible to activate the different installed Cams (Emus).

With the green button the selected Cam is started or restarted (Camreset).

Auto-Cam activate / settings

Autocam is used when different channels are using different Cams. The Cams will be started/stopped automatically.
With the yellow button you can activate the Autocam function.

This works only when more as one Softcam was installed!

Activate Autocam
After activating the Autocam function with the yellow button of the remote control the menu appears. We continu with the Autocam settings.
Autocam settings
Here it is possible to assign a specific SoftCam for a channel.

If you want to add a new channel press the green button.

Now it is possible to navigate through the different lists (provider/satellites) with the colored buttons.

Press OK to add the selected channel.
Add over the colored buttons
Now you can: select a channel in the favoriten list with the colored buttons you can select satellites or providers to choose a channel.
Adding over colored buttons
Here you select the wanted channels, satellites or provider and assing a Softcam.

with the blue button you can delete an entry.


  • Infobar - Settings for the Infobar
  • EPG - Settings for the EPG
  • Password - Change the Dreambox Password (FTP/SSH/Telnet/Webinterface)


  • Show Crypt symbol - Show the encryption symbol in the Infobar - on/off
  • Expert ECM Info - ECM timings, encryption (CAID) - Infobar/window/off
  • Show Softcam Name - on/off
  • Show Gemini Events - Mail, calender - on/off/blink
  • OK button for show - Infobar will be displayed/hidden with the OK button - on/off
  • Show Sat position - Orbital position of the Sat e.g. 19.2°E will be shown in the Infobar - on/off
  • Picon - Show channel symbol in the Infobar - on/off
  • Picon path - Path of the used Picons
  • Position - set the position of the Infobar


E2 Allgemeine-Gemini.png
  • Show Softcam start for... - OSD message "Cam is started"
  • Spinner / time to show - Gears showed after x seconds
  • Don't rotate images - Horizontal images will not be rotated when displayed - on/off
  • Mark new recordings - New recordings are marked untill they are played the first time
  • Speed OSD fading - OSD Fading (slow fading of the OSD)
  • Distance for actual event
  • Display progress in procent - shows the progress of an event as %, in the EPG and Infobar
  • Save Crashlog - set the path for "bluescreens" - Attention: /tmp/ is flushed while rebooting!!!
  • Check for new Gemini Version automaticcally - Show if a new Release is available. A "R" blinks in the Infobar when an update is available. Check is performed between 24:00 and 01:00. Is the Box switched off the check will be performed within 1 hour after booting

EPG Setup

E2 egp-setup-Gemini.png
  • MediaHighway - EPG used by Canal+ and CanalDigitaal - on/off
  • Freesat - EPG for the English Freesat package - on/off
  • Private - Sky Deutschland Private EPG (EPG for subchannels) - on/off
  • Interval for updating - Interval in which the EPG gets "refreshed"
  • Keep old EPG - EPG "history" of the past (only possible in the Single EPG view)
  • Cache file on/off - backup of the EPG data - on/off
  • File name - File name of the EPG backup - name free to set
  • Path - Path for the EPG backup
  • Autosave after - timing for saving the EPG backup file

Install/Remove addons

  • Download (My Server) - install your own Addons from your Addon Server configured in the useraddon.xml
  • Remove - remove installed Addons

Download (Gemini Server)

A part of the list offered by the Gemini Server.

Download (My Server)

Here you have access to an extra server, if you have configured the server yourself.

This is an interface for users who want to install other Addons as offered by the Gemini Server over the BluePanel.

Therefore you need to configure the useraddon.xml to connect toy your own server. The useraddon.xml can be found in /etc.


Think twice before removing, once removed it is gone...

Automount Editor (Network...)

this is how it looks if an entry exists in the /etc/
Extras-automount edit.png
With the editor it is possible to add an entry with the remote control in the /etc/, or to edit.

But it's easier to edit the "" directly in "/etc" with an editor.

Create satellites.xml

Selection of the satellite region
Here you can select the desired satellite region, for creating you new satellites.xml.

Selection of the satellites
Here you can select the desired satellitsn you can receive.

With the cursor right/left you can switch the selection.

Once the seledction is made and saved with the green button, the menu for downloading appears (next image)

Menu after savin the satellite selection
Here you can start the download over the blue button

Question to confirm the download
Download and installation of the new satellites.xml


Here you can change the password for the superuser "root". It's also possible to change the password over telnet: Change Password (en)

Swap file



E2 quickbutton-Gemini(1).png
E2 quickbutton-Gemini(2).png

The Quickbutton is the green button on the remote control (in TV Mode). Standard only the Pluginbrowser is activated, you can add additional applications. If you have added applications a selection menu appears when pressing the green button.

Informations how to add telnet commands or scripts can be found here: Quickbutton.xml

File Browser

The File Browser is on of the most powerfull tools in Gemini. With this file browser you can navigate through the image, but it will also play media files , show text files and you can install manually all kind of Addons. And of course you can delete, rename ... files.

E2 Dateimanager-Gemini(1).png
E2 Dateimanager-Gemini(2).png
here you can add favorites
show text in the file browser
The rights of the file can be changed with left/right
Create a Symlink
Manual installation of a Plugins with the file browser

Gemini Extras

The control central for most of the Gemini Addons, which are integrated in the Gemini Image.

E2 Gemini-Extras(1).png
  • Jukebox - Play Audio files (Playlists)
  • Weather - Weather prediction for the entire world
  • eTorrent - Torrent client for downloading torrents directly on your Dreambox
  • Calendar - an integrated calendar for Gemini
E2 Gemini-Extras(2).png
  • EPG Refresh - Update your EPG data easily at a set time
  • EPG Search - Search the EPG for specific strings/events

Dreamnetcast / Streamripper

The Schoutcast Favorites
The "most popular" Top List
The "genre" Shoutcast list
you can change the sorting with the red button [Index] - [Bitrate] - [name]

E2 Dreamnetcast Menue.png
E2 Dreamnetcast Menue Suche.png
E2 Dreamnetcast Menue Einstellungen.png


The Jukebox is the integraited Gemini Musicplayer
The Info button shows the details

The menu button opens this selection
E2 Jukebox-Einstellungen.png


E2 Wetter Fav.png
E2 Wetter detail.png

Add a city:

E2 Wetter land.png
E2 Wetter stadt.png
E2 Wetter hinzuf.png

RSS Reader


The settings for the RSS Reader can be changed int the /etc/Favo RSS.xml with a text editor.

eMail Checker

E2 Mailchecker.png
E2 EMail menue.png
Account settings


E2 eTorrent menue.png
E2 eTorrent einstellung.png
with the yellow button you can add a Torrent

Webcam Viewer

E2 Webcamviewer.png


The Gemini calendar. On the left the appointments of the month, on the right the overview of the month.
The settings of the Gemini calendars.

Alarm clock

E2 Wecker.png

EPG Refresh

For updating the EPG on a daily base EPG Refresh zapps during the night on the channels specified by the user (one channel of a group is required - e.g. RTL loads the EPG of the complete RTL group) This way you will have allways an updates EPG without zapping manually.

Empty EPG Refresh list without active channels.
The Bouquet/Channel/Provider/Sat list from where you can select channels.
Update EPG for SAT1 at 3:00 configured.
Here you can change every update setting for each channel.

EPG Search

E2 epgSuche.png


The service/daemon can be started/stopped with the OK button
green - daemon started, red - daemon stopped, blue - settings of the service.
  • Online Test - Checks if the Dreambox is connected to the internet
  • Sys/Kernel Log - creates a system and/or kernel - log (error messages)
  • Cron - Timed processes (Crontables)
  • InaDyn - for converting a dynamic IP adress in a subDomain

Online Test

The Online test checks if the Box is connected to the internet.
The online notification is in theinfobar.

Sys/Kernel Log


Samba Server

The configuration can also be made in /etc/samba/smb.conf
For more informations coincerning the settings: look here.

Dropbear (SSH)

Following Wiki articles explain the functions and the possibilities of Dropbear.


The Cron Daemon executes user scripts at defined times


der Openvpn Server
available since Gemini 5.1
here you can configure an Openvpn Server easily, both IP´s are thunnel adresses, which should be in a different range.
with save a keyfile is stored in /etc/openvpn (*.key), the server config (*.conf) and the Windows Clientconfig (*.ovpn)

.key and .ovpn need to be copied in the config map of Openvpn for Windows - in the .ovpn you need to add the IP/DynDNS adress which points to the Dreambox (connected to the router).

After the successful start of the VPN thunnel (green symbol in the Windows infobar) the Dreambox should be reachable on the thunnel adress of the server.

of course you can also use a connection with certificates - therefore you need to edit the config files manually

Avahi (Zeroconf)

Avahi is a free implementation of Zeroconf, a technology to connect devices in a local network, without manual configuration

Avahi in Wikipedia

InaDyn (dynamic DNS Client)

Here it is possible to update a DynDNS service, if this is not possible in the router

httpd (Little Apache)

A lightweight Webserver (Busybox httpd)



Printer (LPD)

If the correct KernelModul is loaded and an USB printer is connected you can see the print serverwird status - green = active.

Manual to configure the Dreambox as Druckserver.

UPnP Client


UPnP Server


See also: Stream auf PS3

TPMD (Genuine Dreambox)

This service enables the "authentication" to check if your Dreambox is an "original". With the Genuine Plugin in the Pluginbrowser you can perform the check.

Device Manager

  • Unmount - With the red button you can unmount the device from the system
  • Initialise - Format the hard disk with the green button (ATTENTION ALL DATA WILL BE ERASED!!)
  • Settings - are opened with the blue button
  • Informations - The device informations are opened with the OK button


  • Standby - Switches the HDD in standby immediately
  • Test - are opened with the blue button

Test menu

  • Speed - Measure the speed of the HDD/USB Stick
  • Check File System - Check the file system and fix errors


Hard disks:
Hard Disk Standby after - Hard Disk goes into standby after the specified time
DVD player:
speed - the higher the value, the quiter the DVD device plays

HDD Temperature

If the hard disk is not recognized, read here: Hddtemp.db

HDD Speed


Initialise (Format)

Before formating the hard disk needs to be "unmounted".
Formating the hard dsik will erase all data on the disk!

DVD Player

The DVD Player can also play DVD Images, which kan be selected here
Further informations about the DVD Player and the operation can be found here: DVD Player


Here in this example after 5 minutes the box zapps automaticcally back to the channel RTL2. You can zapp as much as you want, after the set time the box zapps back to the channel.