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Common FAQs

I'm an absolute newby. Where do I start reading?

Every newby may have a look at the page Introduction for beginners...

What is an Image?

You'll find the answer here: Image (en)?

How to insert an PayTV Card?

The chip must be down and forward (you'll recognize the change from plastic to metal when you insert the card)

Where can I ask a question, thats not listed here?

If it's a question about the Gemini Team or Image, and not about Bugs, Feature-requests or Help, you can either send it to a Teammember or add your question at the diskussion page to this article. If the question is in common interest, we will answer it and add it in this FAQ.

Why is this page locked?

To protect the content.
Every question here was created and checked by Gemini Team Members.

Why are other pages locked too?

To ensure, that "special" pages won't be changed arbitrarily. If you think, that there should be a change on such a special page, please write it in the diskussion page or open up a thread in the board.

Where ist the Administrator of these pages reachable?

Most likely in the forum of the "Gemini Project" :-)

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FAQ to the Dreambox in generall (not depending on images)

What is a Telnet-Connection?

Telnet (Telecommunication Network) is the name of a popular network protocoll.
More informations you'll find here: Telnet (en)

How can i change file permissions on my Dreambox?

Use the command chmod [permissions] [filename] to change file permissions.

example: chmod 755 blub

This makes the file blub executable for the user.

How can i find a file on my Dreambox?

find . | grep filename

Which Wlan-sticks are working with my dreambox?

link to the Board-Thread

How can i enter the Bios of my Dreambox?

Here you'll find the How-To.

WakeOnLan - does it work with the Dreambox?

Everything we've got in our wiki you'll find here.

Which keycode has the remote control?

Everything we've got in our wiki you'll find here.

How can i format a harddisk (HDD)?

Everything we've got in our wiki you'll find here.

FAQ especially for the Gemini-Project (Images)

What is the Gemini Project?

The Gemini Project is an alliance of Dreambox fans, who employ with the Dreamboxes in their leisure time and create their own, new and through additional functions extended images. For further informations, please have a look at this.

How can i install or update my Gemini image?

Why are there so less onlineupdates for Gemini?

There are some reasons why we release Gemini images mostly complete:

  • there are not often important changes which should be updatet and its always work to do.
  • entering the Gemini Extensions into the CVS is not that simple.
  • evereything we release for the boxes has to be checked by our betatesters. This takes plenty of time and it's the reason for, why we don't let them test every little thing again and again.

Why am I not able to install newer Geminis on my Dreambox?

In newer images, Dream-Multimedia created a "Clone-Protection". This may cause, that newe images can't be installed or the boxes get useless. If it appers at an "Original Dreambox", Dream-Multimedia will help you for sure, to exclude further bugs.

why do i get no help from the "Gemini-Team" to circumvent the copy protection?

Because we are a Dreambox-Board and supporting users, who have bought an Original Dreambox. The Gemini Images are made for Original Dreamboxes and also are thought for them. We are against Cloneboxes, if they are distributet with software, which was not developed for them. Owners of other boxes should go to the manufacturer of their box and ask for sotware, developed for them.

How can i make a Printserver with Gemini?

You can find the answer at the Printserver-Page.