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This screen gives an overview of following informations:

  • Dreambox Type.
  • Actual, installed version of the Gemini Project 3.
  • Version of the Frontprocessor.
  • Installed Enigma2 version.
  • Version of the installed image. Attention, the version is not changing when updating.
  • The TPM signature.
  • Version of the installed Secondstage Loader.
  • Version of the installed DVB Modules (drivers).
  • Version of the used kernel.
  • Twitter information page of the Gemini Project 3.
  • Uptime of the Dreambox.
  • Size of the Gemini cache.
  • List of the installed GP3 Addons.

Since GP3.2 Version v0.79-r13 it's possible to open the changelog of the last 10 Gemini Plugin versions, over the red button. An example is in the gallery below.

Ambox notice.png To see the info about the Gemini cache, TPM signature and the SSL/DVB Modules, the entry must be selected and the red button pushed.