Manual installation of drivers

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Ambox notice.png The dreambox has a package management system (*.ipk), which monitors the installation, deinstallation and updating of drivers, plugins etc. When updating the Secondstage Loader or drivers, it's sufficient to install the most recent version. Afterwards reboot the box.

Drivers have the following naming convention: dreambox_dvb_modules_xxxxxxxx

Ambox attention.png If you flash a Secondstage Loader as *.nfi, the package management system of Enigma2 will not be aware of the change, and the dependencies will be wrong

Where do I find the Secondstage Loader, drivers, plugins (as *.ipk) etc..

First of all: the official feed from Dream Multimedia.

Secondstage Loader can also be found here in the board (but can not be used for the installation over the file manager) , same for the drivers

And finally, an overview of plugins in the board


Ambox notice.png For the installation the /tmp directory can be used, after a reboot of the box all files in the directory are deleted
  1. Connect via FTP with the dreambox
  2. Copy the files in /tmp
  3. Install the file(s) over the file browser, by selecting the file and starting the installation over the green button.
Ambox notice.png It's also possible to install the files via Telnet. Use the command cd /tmp to access the directory, and with install ipkg ********.ipk the installation is started


Ambox notice.png As mentioned before, the dreambox has a package management system. Therefor it might occur that certain Dependencies musst be fulfilled during an installation. The dependency is visualized by a sign: < means lower, > means higher and = means equal, and refers to the file version

Dependencies can be:

  • additional files / modules are required.
  • files / modules must have a specific revision / version.