Manual installation with the file browser

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Datei Browser GP3
eCommander GP3.2
Datei Manager GP2

Copy the package (Addon) via FTP in the directory /tmp:


Subsequently open the File Browser (GP3), eCommander (GP3), or the File Browser (GP2) in the Blue Panel and navigate in the directory /tmp and select the package with the remote control. The installation is started with the green button.

Ambox notice.png The installation can be done from each directory, or from mounted external devices (USB Stick, CF card, SD card ...).
Ambox attention.png Under GP3 only use *.ipk or *.deb files for the manuel installation, no *.tar.gz. The *.tar.gz files will only be unpacked with GP3. Only with GP2 and older GP versions this file type was apropriate for manual instalaltions.