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As the name indicates, the script will build an (Firmware) inclusive the Gemini Project 3. And this happens directly on the Dreambox. By default it is based on the actual DMM image, but this can be changed with environment variables, e.g. to load a Merlin-Image. Additionally it's possible to remove or install packages in the image.


  • Dreambox OS
  • A hard disk, or sufficient internal memory.
  • Telnet or SSH access to the Box
  • Internet connection

Gemini Image Builder

Unpack the script from here and copy it with FTP on the hard disk (e.g. /media/hdd). Enter the following command in the terminal:

cd /media/hdd; chmod 0755; ./ --help

Command explained: changes the working directory to /media/hdd, sets the script as executable and finally shows the help, which covers the possibilities of the script.


root@dm7080:~# cd /media/hdd; chmod 0755; ./ --help
************ The Gemini Project Image Builder *************
   version: 0.6
   Usage: --remove <packages> --add <packages> [optional]
   or: --help [to see help]
   or: --version [to see version}
*  or 'export VAR=<value>' for:
*  CHROOT <path>
*  GP_IMG_NAME <name>
*  URL <url>
*  PACKAGES <packages name>
*  RM_PACKAGES <packages name>
*  LOG_FILE <path>
*  IB_DEBUG <1,2>

Build image

Start the build of a DMM / GP3 images with the command:


After approximately 5 minutes the built image is available on the hard disk, path: /media/hdd.

Install / remove packages

With the parameters -add or -remove it's possible to add or remove packages. Of course you need to know the name of the packages. An example to add or remove 2 packages is:

./ -add $package_name $package_name -remove $package_name $package_name

A real life example, which adds the WebAdmin and GeminiBackup, and removes the image viewer:

./ -add enigma2-plugin-extensions-webadmin geminibackup -remove enigma2-plugin-extensions-pictureplayer
Ambox notice.png Packages and much more can be influenced by the environment variables. Examples can be found in environment variables.

Flash image

Use this manual to install the images (firmware) via the Rescue Loader.

Hauptbeitrag.png see article: Image update - Dreambox 7080 HD

Save the image

If you want to save your image, take a look at:

Hauptbeitrag.png see article: GeminiBackup

Environment variables

This part explains the different environment variables, which can be set before executing the script.

Setting Description
CHROOT Defines the destination path of the image.
GP_IMG_NAME Sets the name of the image.
URL Source path from were the image will be loaded.
PACKAGES List the packages which should be added. The package names should be delimited with a space.
RM_PACKAGES List the package which should be removed. The package names should be delimited with a space.
LOG_FILE Define the path and name for the log file.
IB_DEBUG Write more or less debug info in the log file. Values from 1 to 3 are possible, (where 3 is the adds the most debug info).
Ambox notice.png The set environment variables are always active for the active Telnet / SSH session. If you want to reset the variables, remove these or open a new Telnet / SSH session.


export RM_PACKAGES=dcccamd
export PACKAGES= ## Deletes a defined variable##
export URL=http://url_zu_der_datei.tar.xz
export GP_IMG_NAME="my-favorite-g33-image-name"
export IB_DEBUG=1
./ -add "enigma2-plugin-extensions-webadmin enigma2-plugin-extensions-partnerbox geminidreamnetcast geminirssreader"

Build image with environment variables

This section shows two examples how to use variables to install other images / packages (e.g. install Merlin4).

Ambox attention.png Always change the links to the images, to use the actual version. Take a look here for Merlin4, or here for OoZoon.


export URL= 
export PACKAGES="geminidreamnetcast geminirssreader"
export RM_PACKAGES="enigma2-plugin-extensions-pictureplayer"
export GP_IMG_NAME="gp33-merlin-image"
export IB_DEBUG=2
export LOG_FILE=/media/hdd/imagebau.log
./ -remove "enigma2-plugin-extensions-quickbutton" -add "enigma2-plugin-extensions-webadmin enigma2-plugin-extensions-partnerbox"


export URL=
export RM_PACKAGES= ### Deletes a defined variable ###
export PACKAGES=geminibackup
export GP_IMG_NAME="just-infected-g33-image"
export IB_DEBUG=1
./ -add "enigma2-plugin-extensions-webadmin enigma2-plugin-extensions-partnerbox geminidreamnetcast geminirssreader"

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